ESD Permanent Laminate Pouches - A4 (100pcs/pack)


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ESD Permanent Laminate Pouches - A4 (100pcs/pack) 

An excellent solution for the use of data sheets, work instructions and other documents within the ESD area to protect electrostatic sensitive components.

Can be used for any industrial or household laminator. In addition to its favorable ESD properties, it protects your documents from damage and dirt.

Technical features:

Material: Dissipativ polyester
Surface resistance: Rpp ≤ 1011 Ohm | Rs 106-108 Ohm
Color: Transparent
Thickness: ~ 60 microns
Size: 218 x 306 mm

Standard compliance:
IEC61340-5-1: 2016
ANSI / ESD S20.20: 2014