Delivery Information

| If you stay at home, we will deliver it to you! |

If you want to conveniently receive the ordered product, choose home delivery, which can arrive to you in a short time!

| Please check the appearance and contents of the package in the presence of the courier! |

It is important to unpack the received product in the presence of the courier! This is because we can only accept a complaint about the contents of the package! (Deficiency, injury.)
The fact of the courier, absence or damage is recorded on the delivery bill of lading.

| Learn more about your package! |

After compiling your package, we will hand it over to our contracted courier service partner and we will send you an e-mail notification together with the package number.
Based on this, you can track the order of your order at our partner on the given link.

The courier service will attempt to deliver the package once. The consignee may receive the consignment from the courier in person, the family members and proxies at the address. If the package is not received by the recipient, the package will be returned to us.

| Shipping fee! |

The cost of shipping is displayed on the invoice as a separate item.
Shipping cost table by zone (Shipping costs are per package and up to 29kg.):

Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland: Net 35,81 EUR
Romania, Croatia, Slovenia, Netherlands, Belgium: Net 40,89 EUR
France, Bulgaria, Estonia, Ireland, Sweden, Latvia, Denmark, Luxembourg, Italy, Lithuania: Net 53,85 EUR
Finland, Spain, Portugal: Net 72,32 EUR
Greece: 87,88 EUR

- Immediately after pressing the order confirmation button, your order will appear in our customer management system. This system will send you an automatically generated email confirming your order.

- Our colleague can contact you the day after placing your order (In email. Please watch your spam folder!). You will then clarify the details of the order.

- WARNING! Delivery includes door-to-door delivery, so please provide the exact delivery address with floor and door number. When ordering larger and heavier products (such as: washing machine, refrigerator, stove, television, etc.), if you request upstairs delivery, we can only provide free delivery of the product if at least one person can assist the single carrier.
If there is no elevator and the appliance has to be taken upstairs, the buyer must arrange for the product to be taken upstairs or, in a pre-arranged manner, request a loading assistant, but this may extend the delivery time.

Please check the integrity of the package before delivery. If you see damage, record it and do not take over the package. We cannot accept a subsequent complaint about a physical damage to the package without a report.

The cost of shipping is shown as a separate item on the invoice.

Delivery time can be within a few working days after the order is received and processed, provided the ordered product is in stock. (It depends on the method of payment.)

Factors influencing the delivery time: processing rate, quantity of orders, availability of product(s), courier service load and other force majeure situations!