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RÉVÉSZ Industrial and Trading Ltd.

Our company has been dealing with companies’ general material, tools and spare parts since 2008.

Our circle of products has been formed in accordance with our partner’s requirements; thus, for many years, we have been offering the materials, tools, spare parts and others required for manufacturing, as well as wide range of materials directly not linked to the manufacturing process.

Our aim is to establish a flexible and long-term, successful partnership with our partner companies; thus, you are more than welcome to contact us with any individual acquisition requirements you may have! In connection with this, we undertake the individual manufacturing and design of individual tools, target machines, spare parts, as well.

| Introduction |

Our company has been distributing LED Illumination technology products in Hungary since 2008. Our product offer includes a wide range of interior and exterior LED-based products, especially, for industrial consumers, established as a result of continuous development together with the manufacturer. For us, this reliable background means excellent quality, the implementation of individual concepts, as well as guarantee for our further development.

Please take a look at our selection of products, as well as our brochure in the menu, and please contact our colleagues for a price quote in order to find the most favourable and priceworthy solution adjusted to your demands!

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- free-of-charge, on-site survey and savings’ calculation for our industrial, and local governmental consumers

- the survey and implementation of individual requirements

- full-scale implementation of works related to the exchange of illumination technology tools

- 3-year guarantee on our products

-Full-scale service background

Would you like to save money on your company’s expenditures?

In our offer, you can find the top products of LED technology! LED technology is also called “the future source of light” because

- their light intensity is high

- their working life is long

- their energy requirement is small

Besides, however, they also have a number of other advantages, for example their large-scale reliability but we could even mention the fact that among the currently used sources of light, their volume is the smallest.

Among our products you can find a wide range of LED luminaries, light tubes and spotlights.

- Our luminaries’ capacity ranges between 80W and 400W

- Our light tubes can have a capacity of 10W to 30W

- Our spotlights have an efficiency of 60W to 600W

In case our products raised your interest, take a look at our downloadable brochure, and contact our colleagues for a price quote so that we can find the most appropriate solution for you!

| The advantages of LED bulbs |

For a long time, LED bulbs have been known for the public as the generation of energy-saving and environmental friendly bulbs. But why is it really worth buying LED instead of the traditional light bulbs?

With LED illumination, we can save significant amounts of energy. The electricity bill can be reduced by up to 80 % after the consumer switches to LED illumination. Not only does it exceed light bulbs in energy saving but also in efficiency because it illuminates much more brightly and intensively. LED bulbs don’t need colouring because they are capable of illuminating colours on their own, and their sizes are also much more versatile. A LED bulb can be produced in really tiny sizes, as well, so for example they can also be applied in printed circuits. One of its further advantages is that it tolerates switching well, and this does not shorten its lifespan and does not damage it either. Its reaction time is also outstanding; one does not need to wait for it to heat up and there is no eye-damaging flashing either. As opposed to the other sources of light, LEDs produce rather little heat during illumination and this is why they do not uselessly heat up their direct environment either.

Join us and switch to LED in order to enjoy its advantages!

| LED illumination in industrial environment |

Due to the continuously progressing technological innovations, our cost-saving and innovative solutions make efficient and energy-saving operation possible both for our household and industrial users, which is also crucial for our consumers from the point of view of illumination. Illumination of the industrial environment also plays a decisive role, since quality is of great significance both for accurate work performance and in order to preserve the integrity of vision.

Industrial illumination means severe and heavy costs to operators and owners and, at the same time, excessive and outdated energy consumption absolutely contrasts today’s environmental friendly approach; however, LED illumination provides an excellent solution to this problem. Due to their huge light intensity and low energy consumption, LED light sources adapt to all industrial environments and provide long-term solutions, making it possible to efficiently decrease the expenditures.

See the information on our website for quality and cost-saving LED illumination opportunities, and order our wide-scale services, about which you can get more information if you contact us at one of our contact details. We will be more than ready to help you!

| Versatile and cost-saving LED illumination in office environments |

In our days, the owners operating various office complexes are one of the most characteristic group of large, industrial- sized, public utility consumers. The illumination of buildings is particularly demanding; however, it represents indispensable expenditures. Moreover, illumination quality is of outstanding importance in this type of environment.

In order to efficiently decrease illumination costs and optimize their environmental load, our modern world’s innovative light technology, the application of LED sources of light represents profitable investment.

LED illumination in an office environment can be designed through a number of solutions:

Various ways of illumination of the interior spaces of the office e.g. LED bulbs, spotlights, projectors etc.

Various ways of illumination of the interior spaces of the office e.g. LED spotlights, motion sensor illumination etc.

Design illumination, which, in our days, is an indispensable marketing and advertisement tool when communicating with the partners and when screening the public image represented by the company.

Broader information on quality, cost-saving and aesthetic LED light technology and illumination technology solutions can be found our website. Otherwise, please do not hesitate to contact us at one of our contact details!

| Working clothes |

Our company has been established in 1990, one of our other main activities is the production of working clothes and the distribution of work safety products.

Our self-owned headquarters (600 m2) have been built 8 years ago in Vác, dedicated to special industrial and manufacturing work processes this way the entire process of manufacturing takes place at the company. The plant installed with modern machinery and the professional staff guarantee good-quality products.

| The clothes produced in our working clothes business vary as follows |

- waist pants

- dungarees

- winter and summer coats

- winter and summer jackets

- winter and summer hats

- aprons, cloaks

- overalls, rain coats, vests and tunics

Each piece of working clothes is manufactured out of the raw materials according to the requirements, as well as matching the area of usage and of the adequate thickness.
Our corporate buyers have the opportunity to have working clothes manufactured on the basis of their individual requirements!
We undertake the labelling of our products by screen printing, embroidery, various types of logo techniques.

In connection with our range of working clothes, we also distribute a huge variety of work safety tools.

| Some examples from our product selection |

- safety goggles

- head and facial protection, hearing protection

- breathing protection

- dipped, textile and leather protection gloves

- safety shoes

- special safety clothes

For further information related to our products and services please contact us at one of our contact details!

Quality working clothes

The types and characteristics of working clothes can vary according to profession; however, a few common features can be seen in each segment, thanks to which quality working clothes able to serve a variety of functions.

In line with the circumstances, the acquisition of working clothes is regulated for the employers by the law, whereas the employee obligated to wear them by the law.

| Working clothes can serve various functions at the given area |

- Uniform: wearing a uniform can be in order to represent the image of the company, in order to symbolize the belonging together of the team or due to tradition; however, at a few areas, the employee does not only represent the company by wearing their uniform but the clothes are also indicating their position, for example in the case of cooks, those working in catering, flight attendants, healthcare workers or those working in the service sector.

- Safety equipment: Working clothes functioning as safety equipment protect the physical integrity of the employee and, indirectly, these types of equipment are also able to negative psychological pressure; also, failing to wear them is strictly punished by the law, for example in the case of those working at industrial and plant areas, employees exposed to high noise levels.

- Working tool: In some cases, the working clothes themselves can function as working tools since without them, the task would be impossible to complete, for example in the case of fire-fighters, professionals dealing with welding etc.

Browse our website for our quality working clothes and select according to your requirements, and we are also at your service concerning your individual requests, as well!

| Contact |

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